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I love cooking risotto – it’s a very intense 30 minutes of cooking. You have to be so focused, nothing can get on your way…

Getsome celery and onions finely cut in a hot pan with some butter andoil, and let it go over high heat for 2-3 minutes. Add the rice (if youhave trouble finding the rice, pick the box that says “risotto rice”! -dah!). Then add some vermouth (not too much though – half a glass willdo….). Mix well, and make sure the vermouth get into the rice. Oncethis is done, the fun part starts. At this point, no distraction. Ifthe door bell rings, ignore it. If your phone rings, ignore it. If yourfootball team scores a touchdown, don’t rush in front of the tv, youhave to ignore it. Stay focus.

You should have roughly a literof hot chicken stock next to you. The whole idea now is to get the riceto cook in the stock and absorb it until it’s done. You can not justthrow all the stock in there. It has to be done by small quantities.With a ladle, get some of the stock with the rice (1 or 2 ladle max!).Still under high heat, look at the stock being sucked by the rice! Whenthe stock is almost gone, add another ladle. And do so until your riceis cooked (should take around 20/30 minutes).  During this process, youcan also add some garlic if you like it (i’m french, so loooooot ofgarlic for me!).

Your risotto is now ready. Risotto is so muchfun because you can get very fancy. You can add any combination of coolingredients together to make it a unique experience. Bacon, rosemary,brown beans – Prawns, lemon, thyme etc… mint, lamb, rosemary etc…The key is to add those ingredients at the right time. Bacon should beadded at the same time you add the stock, herbs as well. Meat andcooked vegetables, towards the end of the process etc… Go by thefeeling, you’ll only discover new things.

That’s why i loverisotto – you can go crazy, and very few times you’ll go wrong.Remember to make sure it’s creamy when you serve it! Enjoy!