Trout salad

Since my last post was about trout, i thought of adding another recipe with trout. This time, we’re going to use smoked trout, instead of fresh trout. Very easy to find in supermarkets in the US, i highly recommend the smoked trout from Whole Foods.

Buy some frisee salad and keep the yellow part. Do whatever you want with the green part. Cut the trout in medium pieces, and throw it in a salad bowl. Add the yellow part of the frisee, some shallots, some tarragon, and some chervil. Salt, pepper, blablablabla…

For the dressing, use the yolk of a hard boiled egg, the zest of one lemon, and mix them together with some mustard. Add some oil, mixing as you pour it to the mix.

There you go – all done. It’s actually delicious and so simple!


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