Dungeness crab

So this may seem very simple, but i don’t think there are that many shellfish that can beat simple boiled dungeness crab when it’s crab season. Buy hthe crab alive, put in in salted and very peppery boiling water, and 15 minutes later, it’s all good.

I know, some of you are going to say that this is not very humane etc… animals… pain… blablabla. If it bothers you, you can go and buy your crab cooked already. But don’t be blind. It’s the same than if you do it yourself at home, except you just don’t see what really happens.

Finally, prepare a house made mayonnaise. Please do not buy the cheap super light one from the supermarket. Get the yolk of an egg, so very good dijon mustard (same quantity as the yolk) and mix together. Then add some canola oil, little by little. Finally some white pepper, salt and a tiny bit of lemon juice. The consistency is the key! It has to be thick!



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