Easy and magnificent prawns

Prawns are probably one of the easiest and yet most fantastic seafood to cook. Easy because it’s very quick. fantastic because fresh prawns have an amazing taste.

By the way, if the prawns don’t look fresh or are frozen, don’t even bother. Cook something else.

But last friday, i went to whole foods, and they had those amazing huge fresh prawns. They had this beautiful color: light pink, transparent white. It looked so fresh. Bought 20 of them (my wife is a big prawn fan) and drove back home full of excitement.

I prepare the prawns (take the top membrane out). In a non stick pan, i heat a little bit of olive oil. Once hot, i throw some minced garlic, and the prawns. Let cook for a minute or two, then turn around. Add more garlic, the juice of half a lemon, and some red chilies (cut in small pieces). Cook for another two minutes. Cook longer if the prawns don’t seem cooked enough (but don’t cook them too much!!!). At the last minute, add some parsley, salt, pepper and cook for another 20 seconds. You can also add some more lemon juice as you do want to use the juice of the pan to complete your dish.

You can serve them like this, or even better, on a piece of toasted garlic bread (could add some tomato on it as well).

It’s easy, and delicious.


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