Bone-in ribeye at the Globe

We went to see James Blunt in concert at the Warfield yesterday. I had low expectations, even though i like the guy’s music, and I got surprisingly surprised! Was actually very cool. The opening act was even more surprising. Sara Bareilles was rocking, and I’m buying her album today.

The show was planned to start at 8pm. James Blunt came on stage at 9:20pm. We were done by 11:15. And hungry. Very hungry!

I decided to go to Globe in the financial district. This place is very famous for serving food until 1am. Many folks from the late crowd are there. And they have a decent wine list, and great food! We went for the huge bone-in ribeye steak. The famous “Cote de Boeuf” as we call it in France. It’s actually quite rare to find it in a restaurant in the US the same way that it’s cooked in France (ie huge, to share, medium rare). Well, that one was spot on. It was like I was back in my Burgundy.

On top of that, we had a very nice Pinot Noir. Man it was good.

So even if some folks say heaven doesn’t exist, I can tell you that this meal was close to heaven for me!


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