Killing lobsters

Yesterday night, i cooked lobsters for a friend. I’ve grown up cooking live seafood. Throwing lobsters alive in boiling water has never been a problem for me. There are lot of opinions here and there about whether or not they suffer. Most folks say no, some say yes.

I’ve considered many techniques to kill lobster in the most humane way. But at the end of the day, i never found one that makes me feel better. So i just continue to boil them alive.

I’ve read this blog about killing lobster. It’s actually quite good. I’ve tried those techniques as well. My problem with the knife, is that i’m too scared to miss it. And with the chilling, i never know when it’s chilled enough so it gets brain dead. If still alive, imagine the shock from freeze temperature and boiling water…

Beside that, the lobsters yesterday night were really nice!


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