Churchill Arms, London, UK


I went to London for the week-end last week, and it was awesome as usual. I lived 5 years in London, and I truly enjoyed it. I have my habits when I go there, and also some very good friends which make the whole experience unique.

One of those old habit is to go for guiness and thai food at Churchill Arms, on Kensington Church Street. My first job in London was right next to Churchill Arms, and last week-end, like any other time when I went there, it was the same guy who was serving my Guiness: Gerry O’Brien, the landlord who bought the place more than 20 years ago (see him on the picture).

‘I have been here for 20 years now and in that time nothing has been changed or updated. People of all ages and nationalities like its oak beams and log fires, so I don’t want to change any of it’, he says. And that’s exactly true. Going back there is like going back home. It feels good.

So if you’re in London or planning to go there, add the Churchill Arms on your list. Go for lunch, and you may end up staying the whole day, like we did…


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