Leeks-potatoes soup

Every Sunday afternoon, my dad used to go and play football. When we usually got back home, late in the afternoon, he was always going to the kitchen, and started to prepare a leeks-potatoes soup. I remember it as having lot butter, and smelling very good.

A few months ago, as we were all in our house in the French country side, I asked him to do it again, and watched him do it. He’s very meticulous, so it was definitely a funny moment, but it tasted as good as I remembered!

It’s quite simple, and since yesterday was very rainy in San Francisco, I decided to give it a try. I prepped 3 leeks (note that i cut them twice lengthwise, so when you cut them, it’s like small cube, and also keep some of the green leaves). Added some butter in a heated pan (a good amount, like 40g), and get those leeks to cook at medium heat, adding salt and white pepper. If the pan gets too dry add more butter (i told you there’s lot of butter in this recipe!).

Once tender, i added some chicken stock (my dad only used water, but I’m trying to explain to him that a soup needs chicken stock!) and 6-7 potatoes, diced. A nice bouquet garni (thyme, bay leaves mainly, no parsley for me on this one), some salt, a tiny bit of ground nutmeg and then i added some water to make the right amount because I didn’t have enough hoome made stock (but if i had, no water was needed).

Let it cooked for a while, until the potatoes are tender. Then take out of the heat. From time to time, bring back some heat and stop it. Let it cool. Re-heat just before serving.

Some people like to process the soup and add some cream (as done in the US). Well, f…. that. The cream takes over the tastes of the leeks and potatoes.

Good luck, and thanks dad!


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