Alden Vineyards

Because this blog is read by thousands of people every day (honestly, traffic is going up!), I got lot of pressure (joke!) to write about Alden Vineyards. This wine is made by my boss’ family. Tic, Toc, see the connection? Should i be biased? Let’s see…

So yesterday, as I’m cooking skirt steak with some salad, I’m going to pay a visit to my small cellar to see what’s in there for me. And just in front of me is this bottle that Chris gave us for the holiday party. I have to say, I’m usually careful with American wines. I feel they taste very artificial (even the pinot!). It’s like they put so much stuff in there to adjust the taste that there is no natural feel anymore. Note that I did drink some fantastic American wines, some that would beat in a second a great French wine, so I’m generalizing my feeling here for the sake of the story!

OK – back to the story. So I’m in my kitchen, opening the wine, already full of big question marks. Wine is now uncorked. Put the bottle in my hand, put my nose above it… Nothing bad to report at this point. I pour some wine in a glass. First surprise: i don’t have this artificial smell. It actually smells light, almost mineral in some way. That’s a good sign. I take a sip. Then a second to confirm. It’s really good. Clear & natural. Ah. That’s a surprise. And the surprise got even better with the food. Definitely a great wine for a steak.

So yes, i recommend it. A very good cabernet. At least, to my tastes.


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