Hanger steak with Fries

A friend of mine asked me advices on what to cook for his friends this week-end. He mentioned he’d like to have some meat. My mind was very quick to identify the best piece of meat available in San Francisco: hanger steak from Golden Gate Meat (butcher in the ferry building).

For the meat, it’s very easy. Go to Golden Gate Meat, and ask them to put some rub on your hanger steak. Done. The only thing left you have to do is to throw the meat on the grill and let it cooked. You do not want to overcook it. Once done, remember to let it rest for 10 minutes. Then, you can either cut small pieces or serve the whole steak.

For the fries, there’s much more science behind it. And two secrets: 1/ use fat duck (also available at Golden Gate Meat) and 2/ blanch the fries in the fat before frying. Use real potatoes (not frozen crap). Cut them lengthwise and put them in ice water. Melt the fat duck in a pan and get it to 280F. Cook the fries in it until tender. They should not brown! Remove from the fat. Heat the fat again, until the temperate hits >370F. Test it by placing a fries in it. If it boils straight away, you’re good. If not, then heat it more. The purpose of this second phase is just to make the fries crispy. Once you have the right temperature, throw the fries in it, and remove as soon as gold. Dry them. Salt. Done!



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