The spelling is probably wrong, but the spirit is there: beefteka is the greek version of the American burger. I love greek cuisine. Why? Because it’s simple, relying on the products to make a difference.

In this case, the same rule apply: great meat, and fresh ingredients. Dice half a big onion, mince 4 cloves of garlic (i love garlic, go with less if you don’t really like it) and chop some parsley and mix all in a large bowl. Add the minced beef to it (1 pound will do 2 steaks). Salt, pepper, and a yolk. Mixed it all together.

That’s the base. At this stage, you can as creative as you want. Add tabasco, spices, capers etc… But then it’s not greek anymore! Remember, simple… The Greek sometimes add some cheese in the middle of the steak at this stage.

Take half the mixture in your hand and pat, pat, pat. The pieces really have to stick together otherwise it will disintegrate when hitting the pan. 

Throw on a grill or on a pan.

You do not need burger to eat that kind of steak… On a plate, with some tomatoes/cucumbers salad would be perfect.


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