Greek salad

This is a classic, but since I wrote about some greek food in my past post, I thought I would mention here quickly how to make a good greek salad.

In Greece, the greek salad is really a simple dish, based on great ingredients (isn’t it always the case?). So, let me say it loud and clear. If you can’t find good tomatoes, don’t even try. It won’t be good. Also, don’t worry too much about the cuts etc…

Cut the tomatoes (3) in quarters. Cut the cucumbers (1) in big dices. Cut half a red onions in thin slices. Add a handful of black olives (pitted). If you like it, add big chunks of feta cheese (in some cases, in Greece, you have a whole slice of feta on top of the salad, and you break it when you eat it). Add some roughly chopped parsley (or oregano), salt and white pepper.

Mix well with your hands! Let rest for a few minutes to make sure the salt gets into the tomatoes, and the flavors meet each other…

Then the secret: add good lugs of olive oil. Good olive oil. Greek olive oil if you want to be authentic! The bottom of the dish has to be filled with olive oil.

Salt again a little bit to taste.



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