Yuzu, San Francisco


We went with some friends for sushi tonight in the Marina. It’s been the second time that we go to Yuzu, a sushi restaurant next to Circa, between Lombard and Chestnuts, on Fillmore.

We didn’t order Nigiri. We mainly had rolls and tartare. The tartares were great, but nothing to knock you out. The rolls though, were from out of this world. At least, for my tastes. It was incredibly tasty, delicate, and well done. The best of all was probably the Fusion one, a mix of quickly fried scallops and unagi with green asparagus.

We didn’t go for wine, but had real traditional beers, which was a big change from the usual asahi or kirin beer. Finally a place with something original! I went for the echigo (a lager), and it was just great.

Overall, the dinner was really nice, pleasant, and since the place was far from being full, really comfortable. The overall price was a little bit high for sushi, but again, the quality was also much better than most of sushi places in the city.


Site: Yuzu


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