Solstice, San Francisco


Solstice, in San Francisco, is becoming very famous. Most people I talk to already know that place. It’s at the corner of California and Divisadero, in lower pac heights.

It’s a bar and a restaurant. This is actually an important distinction. Most places are either one or the other. Well Solstice is really both of them. Let’s start with the restaurant. They use the very trendy “plate to share” system. So you order a bunch of dishes to share with your guests. Yesterday night, we ordered beet salad, kobe beef sliders, prosciutto pizza, tuna tartare and fries. So it’s no michelin star restaurant, but it’s very good. As in *really good*. The sliders are my favorite, but our guests were big fans of the tuna tartare. It’s fresh, simple, and tasty. I’ve pretty much tried most of the dishes on the menu since i live very close by, and all of them are a good experience. My biggest surprise was probably the Brussels sprouts. Yummy.

And it’s also a bar. I can’t remember how many times i ended a night there (that’s usually a good sign isn’t it?). It’s a great place to hang out for drinks, and Vodka Red-Bull does the rest of the work. The staff makes the bar experience pretty cool – they’re really friendly. Note also that they have evening happy hour, and monday is 50% off all the wines!

Solstice is becoming a classic in San Francisco. I believe it’s here to stay (and hope!).

Site: Solstice Lounge


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