White asparagus

Andrew posted on his Twitter account that he just got reminded that he had asparagus for lunch. I then asked him if he had green or white asparagus. He was surprised by my question. He hasn’t seen anyone serving the white ones around here. That got me thinking I should post this recipe, inspired by my grand mother.

Every Christmas, when i was really young (so yeah, that’s actually quite a while ago), my grand mother was preparing white asparagus for us. I believe at the time it was considered as a delicacy in that part of France (Lyon). At least, it was for us. The recipe is dead simple, but if well done, it can turn really good.

Since white asparagus are easy to find in california at this time of the year, I’ve recently asked my mom to cook them for me, same style. It was delicious.

The key is to prepare the asparagus. You need to peel them and discard the end as it’s the tough bit. Some folks only keep the head, which are really nice and tender. Boil some water, add salt, pepper, and one bay leave. Simmer the asparagus until tender. Timing depends on how big the asparagus are. Don’t over cook!

Meanwhile, prepare the vinaigrette. That part is very important. For me, the best vinaigrette for lettuce salad or white asparagus is heavy on mustard. And the only mustard that’s worth buying is the “Maille” one (original). Mix 1.5 to twice more mustard than red vinegar in a bowl (don’t put too much of it, like 2 tablespoons of mustard and 1 tablespoon of vinegar will do). When well mixed, slowly whisk in some canola oil (5 times more than mustard). It will turn almost like mayonnaise. Salt, white pepper and you’re done.

Serve the asparagus warm, with some vinaigrette on top of it.

That’s all. And that’s delicious!


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