Perfect BBQ


Our friend Lucas is a master at BBQ. So yes, he’s from Argentina, so one could expect it. But every time we go to his place, it’s just amazing. He cooked for us three type of meat: chicken, skirt steak, and short ribs.

In my opinion, his chicken is just unbelievable. I never tasted BBQ chicken like this before. Tender, moist, perfectly salty. He prepare it a few hours before, spreading lot of salt on it, with lemon juice. He let it marinate for a few hours before he cooks it.

His skirt steak is always good. I’ve already discuss on this blog how he slow cooks it on the fatty side.

The ribs… ah the ribs. I’ve spent 1 year of my life trying to cook ribs, and I only managed to make it work once (that was two weeks ago!). He cooks it on the bone side! And boy it’s good!

His main secret: slowly cook the meat. He creates his own charcoal by burning wood (dah!) and then cook the meat slowly (try it on a BBQ!) by strategically using bones, fat sides etc…

I think it would be an insult to think I could just explain here how he does it. Maybe I will do an interview soon to have the secrets from the chef himself!

Nice photo before the BBQ


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