Roast chicken a la Per


There are many different ways to do roast chicken. One of my favorite is the slow cook method used by Heston Blumenthal in his book in search of perfection. I truly love the result of this very long process. And cooking for many hours has always been something that really gets a kick out of me.

But last sunday evening, we went to our friend Per, another food afficionados, with whom we’ve been talking for ages about the “perfect roast chicken”. We all have our tricks and methods. We also all have our failures stories which always make us laugh a lot. One thing we have in common with Per in our way to approach food: we always cook with a glass of wine in hands :).

So, last sunday, we were the first guests to ever taste Per’s roast chicken. Oh, and that was after some spicy tomatoe tartare on a sautee piece of bread which was damn yummy! So back to the chicken. It was really nice. Moist inside, crispy skin outside, and some interesting flavors like pinch of orange and lemon.

He mentioned that he brines his chicken. Ok, so that makes it official: when you roast chicken, brine it! No point not to. Second, he cooked it in two phases. Once to cook the meat inside, and once to make the skin crispy. Both times in the oven (sometimes, people fry the skin).

Third, he mentioned he’s stuffing the chicken with some interesting ingredients like oranges and lemon…

Fourth, like Jamie Oliver recommend, he puts butter between the skin and the meat.

That combination makes it really nice. I hope I didn’t reveal all the secrets but that was high class cooking from Per.

Per’s blog on TypePad
Heston Blumenthal’s book on Amazon


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