Good pork at Costco?

Here’s a very funny story. You all know that I’m a big food lover, like high quality & organic food etc… As such, I don’t necessarily go to Costco often to buy meat or fish, even though I’ve tried it several times and never got disappointed.

A few weeks ago, a French friend invited us to his amazing house in the Buena Vista park area. Fantastic views, a huge deck, huge house. Perfect setting for a great evening. Claude (that’s my friend) is taking a year off to travel the world and help people who are in the need. This guy is 100% kindness. Even on a soccer pitch, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him having a bad thought. In another moment of kindness, he decided we should help empty his cellar of stellar wines before he goes… See what I mean?

So yeah, we took good care of the cellar. Actually don’t remember how many bottles we drank, but it was a *lot*.

On top of the great & rare wines he served us, he also had prepared a huge amount of food. And great food. Really delicious. The most memorable was a pork roast that had so much taste that I thought he spent the whole day on it and more. It was absolutely delicious. We talked about it the whole night, congratulating him.

A few days ago, I sent him an email to ask him for the recipe. Here’s his answer: “Pour le porc: Costco longe de porc a l’oignon et aux épices, y’a ka enfourner pendant 1h30 four a 350 avec un chouia d’huile d’olive et c’est tout bon !” In other words, buy the pork at Costco (the one with onions and spices), 1h30 min in the oven at 350, with a little bit of olive oil, and you’re done!

Funny huh? So, as soon as my kitchen is done, I will go to Costco and try this one.


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