Gary, changing the wine world


By now, you all know I’m a huge wine fan. And I’m also a tech geek. So it is very naturally that I got to follow Gary, from the Winelibrary. This guy is just awesome. Passionate, expert, fun, natural, he’s one of those guys who are changing the world. He says he’s changing the wine world. But i say he’s changing the world. If people spend more time enjoying wine, they’ll take themselves less seriously and it will all be for the best. That’s the whole purpose of food & wine. Good food, good wine, good company. Peace.

So yesterday, Gary twittered he was going to be in San Francisco at a bar. The minute we saw this, we knew we would go there. And we did. I met the man! It’s like meeting your biggest idol. So cool! (See the picture of my wife with Gary!)

If you haven’t followed, you should. Do it now. Don’t wait. It may change the way you approach wine. What? You’re still ready this? Don’t you get it?

You will finally hear someone talking about wine in simple terms. Talking the language of people who buy wine, and not the language of people who sell wine. That’s because it’s passion talking. It comes from the heart. That’s what makes Gary such a big personality on the Internet.

Still reading this? Dude….


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