Hama-Ko Sushi, San Francisco


We’ve heard about this place a few times, but last thursday, we decided to go to Hama-Ko Sushi, in Cole Valley (corner of Cole and Carl) to eat sushi with David (see picture), Lucas and Beau (that was just before we met with Garyvee!).

I’ve read many reviews about this place. Classic San Francisco, some of the reviews are nasty, mainly because of the type of service you get. Well, at least, it’s authentic. The old couple that run the place is quite something. Sure, they may get mad at you or tell you things you may not want to hear, but it’s part of the overall experience. They don’t want you to sit at the bar, they get upset if you try to order several times, they give you orders on how to behave… but it’s all made in a very good spirit. There’s only the two of them behind the counter! 🙂

So if you pass over that barrier, which is a very simple thing to do (and trust me, you do see much worse in europe!), then you get to appreciate some amazing fish. So many times, people say this has been the best sushi of my life, of the world, of the galaxy etc… Well, for me, it’s definitely in the best ones. Don’t know if it’s the best. But it was out there.

Very fresh fish, very well seasoned rice, it was an very pleasant dinner. The price is on the upper side, but nothing crazy. We left the place still thinking about the sea urchin that was stunning, and hoping to come back very soon.


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