Jack Falstaff, San Francisco

Our friend Matt was visiting us from LA last week-end, and another friend decided to book Jack Falstaff for dinner, in downtown San Francisco. We had read some good reviews about the place, and heard about a new chef (don’t know if this is true or not). Bottom line, we were all so excited to not only get together again, but also eat in a very nice place.

So, the getting together was awesome. It actually had been quite a while since I’d seen Matt, and it was really great to meet him and his new girlfriend (she’s lovely and much nicer than him!).

Now… what about Jack Flastaff. Well, the decor is cool. The waiters are really nice, polite and helpful. The wine was great. But the kitchen was…. huh…. so so. I’ve actually asked all the folks around the table what they thought about their meal. Here’s what they said:

1- Bad pace of the meal. Way too slow between appetizers and main course (and the place was far from full).
2- My meat is dry and swimming in oil.
3- My fish is very average.

I personally think it was very pretentious. For example, they served us a fried amuse bouche, which I always find funny for two reasons:
– the minute you serve an amuse bouche you raise expectations as you position yourself as a great restaurant.
– fried amuse bouche. Honestly. Fried. That’s how you want to excite my palate???
In other words, they’re pretending to be that amazing restaurant, as opposed to concentrate on creating great and simple dish.

One of our friend was pleased with his meat dish. But that guy would eat anything!

I don’t want to condemn the place, but clearly, not as good as we had hoped for. We still had a great time (and again, great wine!). Would I go back? Probably not, except for a drink in the nice lounge outside.

amuse bouche – what is it?
If you still have the heart for it, here’s jack falstaff web site.

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