Toraya, Sushi, San Francisco

On Saturday, we went to Toraya, on Fillmore Street, a great sushi place. I won’t do the usual “best sushi in San Francisco” comment, but that place was actually really good.

I’ve actually been there several times in the last 4 months. I’ve always find it very decent, but was never impressed, as I’ve been at Ozumo on the Embarcadero or Sushi Ran in Saulito.

Since we don’t have a kitchen anymore, we get to eat out a lot. Which is good and bad. It increases the budget of the kitchen that’s being built, and get you to find cool places.

Once again, we were out, and my expectations were not that high entering Toraya. The place was packed, but we still managed to get to sit at the bar (that’s definitely a plus of this place: there is always a table for you, it’s so huge!). Since we were in lack of inspiration, we just asked the Chef to bring whatever he wanted to us.

Well, boys and girls, that was a feast! And what a feast! It was like a complete rediscovery of this place. First, the chef rocks. He’s really nice, funny, polite… and he knows how to make good sushi! Second, the food was awesome. Salmon, scallops, snapper, tuna, crazy rolls etc… We tried many different sushis, all of them so good.

Of course, the warm sake helped for the digestion… Hey! Sushi without sake is not sushi anymore! After we paid the bill (which was still decent based on the amount of food we had), they offered us a dessert sake.

So, yeah, I’ll go back. My expectations are much higher now!

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