Krups BeerTender B95


Today was my name day (not Krups day! alex day!). It’s not a big deal over here, but in Greece, it’s as important as your birthday. In other words, you get presents!

My wife, who, unlike me, never forgets my name day or birthday, made me one of the best presents I ever had. You can tell she knows her audience! She bought a BeerTender! If you don’t know what a BeerTender is, it’s very simple: it’s a draft beer in your kitchen!

With the BeerTender came a full Keg of Heineken (which is not the only beer they support btw!). Imagine! I think I probably looked like a 5 years old getting his first bicycle!.

Obviously we had to try it. Actually more her than me to be honest. Nevertheless, it’s just so awesome. The funny part is that we don’t have a kitchen since we’re remodeling it. But who cares about a kitchen when you can have draft beer in your living room!

I vote yes for a BeerTender in every kitchen!

[update]: after a few weeks of usage, it works really well. It is very practical, doesn’t make any noise, and the information displayed on the monitor accurate and needed. A good buy!

[update2]: considering the number of people coming directly to this page, here’s a link to the Amazon store in case you want to buy one. Note that I make no money from this transaction. This is purely for the benefit of those who may have the great idea to buy one!


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