JazzFest – New Orleans 2008, D-Day – 1


I’m in New Orleans, for my yearly trip to JazzFest. I just landed a few hours ago, and already you can feel the excitement in the city. The plane was crowded of crazy people on their way to have a great time. Clapping at landing, singing etc… Very nice atmosphere!

If JazzFest is mainly about music, it’s actually also about food and good company. As such, I’ve decided to blog about it. I’m only here for the first week-end, so it won’t be a full coverage of what’s going on, but just a summary of my culinary experience in New Orleans.

In case you don’t know, all the restaurants serving food at the festival itself have been selected by a jury picking the best. They’re selected for a specific dish. For ex, Gumbo, Boiled Crawfish etc… It’s a truly amazing experience, and I will try to share it with you.

In the meantime, as we need to get warmed up, we had our usual stop at our favorite daiquiris place. See the picture attached. Nothing better than a house special (mix of Crawgator, 190 octane, and Jungle juice) to get the day going!

Looking forward to tomorrow – I will post all details!


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