JazzFest, New Orleans – finally!


It’s been a year since the last JazzFest in New Orleans. Or, in other words, since my last Gumbo. To be exact, it’s not just a Gumbo. It’s a Pheasant, Quail and Andouille Gumbo. I know there are many vegetarians reading this blog, but for those of you who like fine and delicate meat, this dish is perfect. It will also be my first dish of the day. The first one of a very, very long list.

I was reading through the program today, and it’s just phenomenal. Here it is for you:

Crawfish Bread, Shrimp Bread,
Sausage & Jalapeño Bread

Cajun Jambalaya, Fried Chicken

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, *Fruit Salad;

Hot Sausage Po-Boy, Crawfish Sausage Po-Boy;

Pecan Catfish Meunière, Seafood Mirliton Casserole,
Fried Crab Cake w/ Smoked Tomato & Jalapeño Tartar

Alligator Pie, Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp, *Fried Green Tomatoes;

Muffuletta, *Vegetarian Muffuletta,
Roast Beef Po-Boy, Turkey Giardiniera Po-Boy

Crawfish Etouffée, Boiled Crawfish,
Crawfish Stuffed Puff, Cajun Crawfish Rice

BBQ Chicken, BBQ Chicken Sandwich,
*Corn on the Cob, Iced Tea, Lemon Pound Cake

*Spinach Artichoke Casserole,
Seafood Au Gratin, Sweet Potato Pone;

Cajun Duck Po-Boy,
Fried Seafood Boat, *Spicy Potatoes

Red Beans & Rice w/ Sausage,
*Vegetarian Red Beans & Rice, Blackberry Cobbler

Crabmeat Po-Boy, Creole Stuffed Crab,
Catfish Almondine, *Potato Salad

Boudin, Boudin Balls,
Crawfish Remoulade, Creole Hot Tamales

Cochon de Lait Po-Boy,
Fried Eggplant w/ Crawfish Sauce,
*Fried Eggplant w/ Marinara Sauce

Soft-Shell Crawfish Po-Boy, Fried Gator Po-Boy,
Guil’s Gator w/ Fried Jalapeños & Onions

Crawfish Sack, Oyster Patties, Crawfish Beignets

Fried Shrimp Po-Boy, Fried Oyster Po-Boy,
Fried Oyster Spinach Salad,
Panéed Chicken Po-Boy, *Stuffed Artichoke

Mango Freeze

Fried Pork Chops, Smothered Cabbage,
*Iron Skillet Cornbread, Fried Pork Chop Sandwich

Ya Ka Mein,*Vegetarian Ya Ka Mein,
Banana Bread Pudding

Rosemint Iced Tea, Mandarin Orange Iced Tea, Regular Iced Tea

Rosemint Iced Tea, Mandarin Orange Iced Tea, Regular Iced Tea;

Café Au Lait (Hot, Iced, Frozen)

Fried Soft-Shell Crab Po-Boy, Fried Catfish Filet Po-Boy;

Spicy Natchitoches Meat Pie, Crawfish Pie,
*Broccoli & Cheese Pie

Pheasant, Quail & Andouille Gumbo,
Crab & Crawfish Stuffed Mushrooms, Crawfish Enchilada

Strawberry Shortcake, Key Lime Tart;

Gyro Sandwich, *Falafel Sandwich,
*Humus w/ Pita, *Tabouli w/ Pita, *Greek Garden Salad

Spicy Crawfish Sushi Roll, Snow Crab Sushi Roll,
*Vegetable Sushi Roll, Swamp Roll, *Seaweed Salad

Tagine of Lamb (Lamb Stew w/ Basmati Rice),
Merguez (Grilled Lamb Sausage),
Crawfish, Spinach & Zucchini Bisque,
*Tunisian Salad

Cuban Sandwich

Louisiana Strawberry Ice, Lemon Ice,
Spumoni, Biscotti (Assorted Italian Cookies)

Grilled Chicken Livers w/ Pepper Jelly,
*Crowder Peas & Okra, *Collard Greens,
Smothered Chicken Drumettes


Oyster Rockefeller Bisque,
Cajun Chicken & Tasso w/ Creole Rice

Crawfish Strudel, White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Cracklins, Fried Sweet Potato Chips

Shrimp Taco, Chicken Taco, Shrimp Flauta

Creole’s Stuffed Bread; Sausage, Pepperoni & Mozzarella Stuffed Bread

Crawfish Monica ®

Sno-Balls, Sugar-Free Sno-Balls

Jamaican Chicken, Caribbean Fish,
Curry Chicken Pattie, *Steamed Vegetables

Dibbi (Grilled Steak on Pita), *Grilled Veggie Pita,
*Couscous w/ Yogurt Sauce

*Jama-Jama (Sautéed Spinach), *Fried Plaintains,
Poulet Fricassee (Chicken on a Stick)

Pies: Pecan, Sweet Potato; Banana Nut Bread

Strawberry Lemonade, *Caribbean Fruit Salad

Rosemint Iced Tea, Mandarin Orange Iced Tea, Regular Iced Tea

Beignets, Café Au Lait (Hot, Iced, Frozen),
Milk, Chocolate Milk

Crawfish Bisque, Creole Filé Gumbo,
Trout Baquet

Creole Cream Cheese Cake with Strawberries,
Red Velvet Cake, Pecan Cake;
Pies: Lemon Meringue, Coconut, Sweet Potato

BBQ Pork Ribs, BBQ Turkey Wings,
Meaty White Beans, *Cole Slaw, Peach Cobbler

Sno-Balls, Sugar Free Sno-Balls, Popcorn

Pies: Apple, Cherry, Coconut, Pecan, Sweet Potato

Coconut Macaroon, Chocolate Éclair,
Cream Puffs, Brownie w/ Pecans

Belgian Waffle Cone,
Hand-Scooped Ice Cream w/ Sundae Fixin’s, Dove Bars

Pralines: Pecan, Coconut, Chocolate or Rum Flavor,
Praline Pecan Cookies, Sweet Potato Cookies, Praline Shoe Soles, Pecan Crunch

Roman Chewing Candy

Sno-Balls, Sugar-Free Sno-Balls

Fresh Roasted Jumbo Peanuts, Glazed Pecans;

Mango Freeze

Pralines: Pecan, Coconut, Chocolate or Rum Flavor,
Praline Pecan Cookies, Sweet Potato Cookies,
Praline Shoe Soles, Pecan Crunch

Strawberry Smoothie, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Shrimp Macque Choux, Shrimp & Sausage Macque Choux,
Fry Bread, Indian Tacos
Oysters on the Half Shell, Shrimp Cocktail
Lemonade, *Fruit Salad

Creole’s Stuffed Bread, Sausage,
Pepperoni & Mozzarella Stuffed Bread,
PB&J Sandwich, Crispy Rice Treats

Fresh Roasted Peanuts, Glazed Pecans, Popcorn

Macaroni & Cheese, Huckabuck Frozen Cups


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