JazzFest 2008, day 2 – lots of rain!


Huge dark clouds had decided to stop over New Orleans for day 2 of JazzFest 2008. So what? Do you really think it would stop us from enjoying JazzFest?

I have to say, the experience was different, but in many ways, quite something to remember all our life. Being outside, listening to some heritage band giving it all for the few crazy folks ready to ignore the weather, was a unique moment in my existence.

The turning point was when we managed to buy ponchos. At this very moment, we knew we’ll be able to make it till the end of the day. Well, that belief went back and forth, as the wind and the rain started to pick up so much that everyone was wondering if the tents would even resist. But overall, the spirit was good throughout the day.

The rain had decided to play a big role yesterday. And it did. After a few hours, they had to stop the pumps because the levels of water around the race track were above security levels. As a result, the track itself became totally flooded in many areas. At best, you would just have water till the top of your shoes!


So yeah it was fun. But this also means we had less food than expected. It’s harder to eat outside under very high winds and heavy rain. At least, less enjoyable. That being said, I still managed to go back to my Gumbo and give it a last try. Well, still the same. Not as good as it should be (and has been). My friend Joe had a taste and agree it was more like a soup than a Gumbo. That was a disappointment.

Other than that, the culinary highlight of the day was the Cochon de Lait Po-boy. The Cochon de lait is a young pig that has only be fed with its mother’s milk (it’s usually killed after a few weeks). That was something very special, especially with this very vinegary mustard that contrasts perfectly with the thickness of the pig meat.

Today we’re going back. They’ve forecasted more rain! Fun huh?


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