JazzFest, New Orleans – day 3 – end of 1st week-end


At around 2:30pm, nobody would have thought JazzFest would continue for the last day of the first week-end. It was not just raining. It was pouring. And yet, one hour later, things were back to normal, except there was mud everywhere! Well, the kids loved it. And the adults didn’t really mind. Actually, one would say it made this last day a very special one.

It all started at 2:30pm. While I was eating another box of boiled crawfish (I couldn’t resist!), it suddenly started to hale. In less than 2 minutes, my box of crawfish was full of water. Note here that the hale didn’t stop me from eating!

Once I was done with the crawfish, we decided to go to the oyster bar, which is inside the grandstand (very practical under bad weather conditions!). We wouldn’t let bad weather spoil our day, and we then decided to get lot of oysters hoping the rain would stop.


It almost worked! 45 minutes later, we were walking, under light rain this time, to the Jazz tent, which we left very quickly to go for more food as the weather got better. This time, I had a soft shell crawfish po-boy. And that was a clear winner. A guy in front of me bought 4 of them, and told me this was the best dish of the festival. I had to say, I agree with me.

My friend Francisco had some Pork cracklings (pork skinned deep fried). Actually let me rephrase. He had many of them! He liked them so much that he went back twice. They were really good, even though I’m always scared to break a teeth while eating them.

And so the first week-end of JazzFest ended. On a high note and some drop of rains. We’re now about to leave New Orleans, but we have a few hours before our plane takes off. Just enough time to go to a nice restaurant for our last lunch here of the year! Of course, I’ll be blogging about it…

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