Harri’s, Steakhouse, San Francisco


Yesterday, we took my parents in law at Harri’s, at the corner of Pacific and Van Ness. Harri’s is a classis San Francisco establishment, and above all, a real steakhouse.

As all good steakhouse, the entrance showcases the aged meat and also has a butcher counter in case you want to buy some meat to go. I’ve seen this in many other steakhouses, and I really like the idea.

There are three main rooms. The Van Ness room, which is the main room. Very elegant, comfortable, it is very traditional and very San Francisco. I had dinner there a few times, and always had a good time. There are two other rooms. The library, which is where we had dinner yesterday, and another more casual one. The library is very intimate, as there are only 4-5 tables, a big painting of Mr Harris (i assumed it has to do with the restaurant!) and a fire place. It’s much more quiet than the main room even though the air conditioning is a little bit too strong in my opinion.

We had New York steak, Rib Eye steak and a Prime Rib of Beef. It’s the first time i’ve seen my parents in law eating the whole thing, without leaving a piece of meat in their plate! Quite impressive. I concluded they really liked it.

On my side, I had the Prime Rib and I have to say, it was delicious. Perfectly cooked, which is what those steak houses are really good at. I’ve asked for medium rare, and I got medium rare! The quality of the meat was really good – tender, tasty… all you can ask from a piece of meat!

The vegetables were also perfectly cooked. Crispy and not over cooked as in most restaurants. Finally, the wine list is huge, and you will definitely find your happiness in there. I picked a Ridge Zinfandel (my parents in law never had Zin before). You can’t go wrong with Ridge. The combination of the wine and the meat just made this meal perfect.

Of course, Harri’s is not cheap. I couldn’t go there every time I want a piece of meat (a steak will cost you roughly $45)! But for a special occasion, it’s a great place to try. Enjoy!

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