Tortilla Heights, San Francisco


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a very long time. Tortilla Heights in the Lower Pac Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, on Divisadero, was one of my first disappointment with Mexican food. I decided to give it another chance. Why? Because every time i walk by it, it’s packed. So sure, people can be “sheep” and all follow the stupid one. But it’s been very consistent over the last months: the place is packed.

The bar is clearly a reason why the place is crowded. Nice and beautiful people all around (yeah, I know, I was the exception!), kind of trendy, it’s a very good place for a night out. But still, the restaurant was crowded as well. There must be an explanation. The last time I ate there, it was just dis-gus-ting. As in HORRIBLE. Wanna know how this time went?

Well, it actually went ok. Much, much better than my first time. Still not worth those good old mexican places, cheap and delicious, but it was ok. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about the food. It’s decent. I find those trendy mexican restaurants over priced in general, but you can’t say that it’s not good.

It is actually very similar to Left at Albuquerque on Union Street. Nice, fun, but nothing that’s going to knock you out of this world. When you live in San Francisco, I actually question the need for those places. Really. Sure, let’s have some nice bars, but trying to build an upscale Mexican place, when for a fourth of the price, you have much better food at La Taqueria, is just something I have a hard time to comprehend.

Anyway, that place is probably going to be full tonight again. And I may go back there. Just for the fun though, not for the food.

Tortilla Heights

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