Top 5 restaurants in San Francisco

I had the chance to talk to a group of French entrepreneurs/leaders today (tres sympathiques!). The minute I told them I write a blog about food in San Francisco, they asked me where they should go. Then it hit me: I need to write a post about my top 5 restaurants in San Francisco. So here it goes.

This post will focus on high end restaurants. The average price in those places is between $100 and $150 per person. I will definitely give my top 5 in a cheaper range later.

So interested? Let’s start!

1/ Gary Danko: lot of my friends tell me I’m crazy to think this is the best place in the city, but honestly, I don’t think I’ve found anything that I like more than Gary Danko. The atmosphere is great, the service is impeccable, and the food is just unbelievable. It’s not that easy to get reservations, but not impossible. As far as I’m concerned, if someone wants to make me a very happy person, just invite me there! I highly recommend the frogs legs, wrapped in pancetta, which is one of their signature dish (and one of the first one they had on the menu).

2/ Jardiniere. First, I love the fact they serve food until late, even though their tasting menu is served until 9:30pm only. The atmosphere is very chilled, with a piano bar in the middle of the room, and two floors of dining tables. Second, the food never disappointed me, even though I’ve been there several times since I used to live a few minutes away. It’s a great place for a quick drink, or a fantastic and elaborated meal. You don’t have to mind the opera or ballet crowed, as this is their primary audience target. Their wine list is also very comprehensive, and if you don’t mind the price, you’ll have a great time.

3/ Dining Room (Ritz Carlton). Very French. Very traditional. And yet, fabulous. The food is great. The decor very classic. And the service absolutely perfect. I remember when I went there, I was telling my wife that I would love to know the score of a game that was playing at the time of our dinner. A few minutes later, the waiter would come and put a piece of paper next to me with the score. Very classy. As far as I remember, the staff was French, which, when you’re French yourself, can make the experience much better. The cheese selection was phenomenal.

4/ Ozumo: On the Embarcardero, Ozumo is one of the those trendy and yet amazing place to have sushi. They have the finest selection of Sake, and delicious sushis. Reservations are quite easy to get, and the place is huge and can also accommodate working meeting (they have private rooms). I’ve never been disappointed with their sushi and some of their dish like black cod are a delight.

5/ Mezes: I’ve already written a review of Mezes, and I actually think it’s one of the best places in the city. Simple, delicious, tasty, it’s one of those places where you will always have a good experience, if you like mediterranean food. A good place to visit!

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