Delfina, San Francisco


Last night, I paid a visit to Delfina, a pizza restaurant on 18th and Dolores in San Francisco (note that we went to the pizza place, not the restaurant). This was long due as I’ve heard this is one of the best places for pizzas in the city. My friend Lucas goes there very often, and he suggested to go there before he flies to Costa Rica for 10 days.

Lucas arrived at the restaurant at 8pm and put our name on the waiting list. Delfina doesn’t take reservations. At 9pm, we managed to get a table for 4.

The menu is pretty short but has all the must have of a good pizza place: a huge selection of pizzas and some nice appetizers.

We decided to pick 4 appetizers: warm olives, cucumber salad, tuna salad with beans, and sands. The four of them were good, my favorite being the tuna salad (the most original by far) and the the cucumber salad being probably the most predictive. It’s not bad to know what you’re going to have, but i think there is room to make pretty funky stuff with cucumbers. In this case, it was clearly fresh, but could have done with more spices.

The pizzas were clearly the best part of the meal, and what Delfina is known for. We all had the prosciutto with arugula salad. Maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but that was one of the best pizza I had in San Francisco. The crust was thin and nice, while the ingredients were real. Many times, when you eat pizza, the ingredients don’t have a taste. It’s just lost in the tomato sauce and the cheese. This time, it’s right there, and that’s what it is all about.

Is the place worth 1 hour wait? Probably not. But I would say it’s definitely a great place for pizza!

Delfina – (this is the restaurant)

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