Thank you @ileavache, Sociale, San Francisco


I wanted to thank @ileavache for the advice posted on this post, which lead me to go and try Sociale, on Sacramento Street, in San Francisco.

The patio is great, and the restaurant in general is actually pretty cool. Upscale but not pretentious. Just a good place to hang out, have great food and relax for a bit. Oh yes, the food is good. Yes it’s not super cheap, but good italian food has its price, and the least I can say is that you will not be disappointed at Sociale.

To start, I had the porcini mushrooms salad. And that was yummy! Very fresh, absolutely delicious, light, the way a salad should be! My second course was the pan seared halibut. halibut, well cooked is always nice. At least, I rarely had a bad experience. This time didn’t fail me, it was perfect. The asparagus were also extremely tasty.

My wife had the tuna pappardelle and that was by far the big winner. Best fresh pasta I ever had in San Francisco. By far. The combination of tuna, currant and capers works very well with the pasta, and it was a delightful experience.

As far as the wine is concerned, their wine list isn’t huge, but we managed to find a decent wine for $40. OK, still a bit pricey, but come on! When very hot outside, a nice and fresh meal, on a nice patia, in laurel heights is totally worth it!


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