What to do with a chicken?


Last sunday, I didn’t really know what to cook. I went to the butcher to try to find some inspiration. Nada. I couldn’t get this “oh yeah” moment when you know that you’re going to have a great cooking something new and amazing. I was on my way out, thinking maybe we should go out (but in those times, i’d rather stay home!) and suddenly, it stroke me! A chicken! 

That was a brilliant idea. What I had in mind at this time was basically to do a full meal with one chicken, but different dishes. Interesting huh? My menu was still pretty straight forward: spicy chicken soup, and grilled chicken breast with salad and asian dressing. That was quite an experiment, but the goal was to use the whole chicken, including the bone for this meal! 

First, I had to cut the chicken in 6 pieces (2 breasts, 2 legs and 2 wings) and i reserved the neck. Then I used the carcass to do a chicken stock. Once the stock ready, i added some ginger, cilantro, chilies, the 2 wings and the neck of the chicken. Salt, pepper, and I let this simmer for a good hour to make sure the chicken is cooked (not that you’re going to eat it, but just in case :)). On the side, I grilled the breasts and the legs, that I had sprinkled with some rosemary, salt and pepper. I grill them skin side first, so it gets very crispy and brown, but you should start with the legs first as those will take longer. 

While this was grilling, I prepared an asian dressing. I don’t think this has anything asian to it, but the tastes remind me of asia. I mix soya sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, some spicy sesame oil, a tiny bit of oliver oil, some minced shallots and add it to any salad. You can go create here. Mix any type of vegetable you like: green salad, soya beans, cucumber, red pepper, chinese cabbage, spring onions, etc… Any type of combination will work great! 

Once the chicken ready, take a long p late. On one end, have a small ball with the chicken soup. In the middle, lay down some of the salad already dressed. On the right side, add one breast and one wing, sprinkled with a tiny bit of remaining dressing. 

There you go – this works quite well and is a perfect menu to use a full chicken!

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