Paella: i’m giving up

It’s been the second time I’ve tried to cook paella, and for the second time, it didn’t turn out to be as good as I had hoped. We had great ingredients, fresh, and all. We even had some amazing fish stock, very well prepared by @fvarela_98. And despite all this, it just wasn’t that great. It was good, but nothing from out of this world.

So yes, I could persist, and continue to cook it until I find the right balance, and the solutions. But would Paella be this thing that I should leave alone. There are always secrets that one shouldn’t try to unveil. Maybe this is one of them for me? What if this is one of those recipes that I shouldn’t touch?

At the end of the day, life is better if, when you go out, you can pick dishes that you know you don’t cook at home. It gives a whole new purpose to going out. So I’ll take this as a sign and won’t try to make a Paella again. Instead, I’ll focus on two things:

1- Find a great spanish restaurant in San Francisco. I really miss Spanish food, and I still have to eat in a great Spanish place here. Do you know any? If yes, please comment on this post!

2- Try to book a trip to Spain in the next 2 years. 


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