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3 great wines for less than $9


Last Saturday, a friend bought a huge selection (more than 15 bottles) of cheap wines from Bevmo. There is currently a sale for specific wines: buy one, get the second bottle for 5cts, which is basically the equivalent of a 50% sale (see, math!). The goal of the evening was to check if there was any good wines for less than $9. Well, I can’t say those were the best wines I’ve ever had, but some of them were actually good, especially for such a cheap price.

Wildhurst Sauvignon Blanc  ’06: this is a very decent sauvignon blanc, with lot of peach and apricot tastes. It goes extremely well with goat cheese. Great apéritif wine! Price: $7.02

Fortress Sauvignon Blanc ’07: this was the best of our selection, by far. Clearly on the dry side, with some mineral tastes, but very crisp. Highly recommend. Price: $7.52

Stanza Pinot Noir ’06: this was the only red to really stand out. It’s a decent Pinot, a little bit on the strong side, but for that price, you won’t find better from California. Price: $8.02

I’ve bought many of those wines as they’re great for a casual drink. With Bevmo, you can order online and pick up at the store, which is actually quite convenient. 

And you, do you have any good recommendations for wines under $9?