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Lunch at chickie’s & pete’s

At the airport, while waiting for second flight!


At tataki eating sushi


Always very good!

At oysterfest

Incredible weather, amazing oysters!


At oysterfest

Incredible weather, amazing oysters!


One day at El Bulli

My friend Lucas just gave me this link to a one hour video of a documentary made by the spanish tv station of a full day at El Bulli, the famous restaurant of Ferran Adria. In Spanish, but totally worth it for food lovers! Thanks Lucas!


Chicken with prosciutto


A few days ago, we’ve had an executive offsite. It is now a tradition that I get to cook for that occasion, while Ben takes care of the cocktails. So far, I don’t think I have poisoned anyone, voluntarily or involuntarily, which lets me conclude that this experience has been positive. 

It is always a challenge to cook away from home, several meals, for quite a large group of people, some of them with very specific tastes. I have tried to keep my menus as neutral as possible. For the last offsite, I even did burgers on the second day, thinking the team may need some real food after a dinner made of carrot soup, hanger steaks and green asparagus, salad, cheeses and lemon tart. 

This time, I wanted to prepare as much as possible before getting there. I decided to do a chicken recipe inspired by Jamie Oliver. This recipe requires prosciutto, lemon, thyme, garlic, and butter. It’s very easy and produces great results. The following recipe will serve one big chicken. Of course, I always recommend to brine the chicken for 6 hours before anything (which I actually didn’t have time to do for the offsite). 

First of all, peel the lemon, and dice the skin to make some zest. Take 3-4 garlic cloves finely diced and mix with the lemon zest in a large bowl. Roughly cut 4 slices of prosciutto in square of 1X1 inches and add to the mix. Add some fresh thyme leaves (a good handful) – if you don’t have fresh thyme, dry thyme can do the work as well. Add 2 sticks of butter (200gr). Mix all together. Add some pepper and salt. 

Now, let’s work on the chicken. Very carefully, separate the skin from the meat on the breast side. Don’t break the skin! Once done, very delicately stuff the butter mix between the skin and the meat. Try to make sure you cover as much as possible. Rub well. Yes, your hands are going to be very greasy at this point, careful where you put them! 

Stuff the chicken cavity with a sliced lemon, some fresh thyme, salt and pepper. 

You’re now ready to go. In the oven, 400-420F. I do recommend to add vegetables to the pan and let them cook in the chicken butter. It’s the perfect combination!