3 Reasons Why Restaurants Are So Loud

3) Loud music makes us “drunk.”There’s scientific proof that the louder and faster the music,the faster (and often more) people eat and drink. In the past,corporate restaurant chains have even developed soundtracks thatswitch to higher tempo music at a louder volume when they want toturn tables.

via shine.yahoo.com

This is so against everything that food actually means. Let me make a few comments:

1. Loud restaurant draw people in. That’s true for bad restaurants or people who are just looking for a place to play dice (which i do often!). What drives people to a restaurant is the food. And that’s it. I’ve seen plenty of successful restaurant that don’t have a great atmosphere, but the food is what makes the difference. And that’s really what it’s about.

3. Loud music make us “drunk”. I find it extremely sad that people care about turning tables. Honestly, I haven’t seen this in many places in Europe, but it’s clearly a big worry here in the US. Of course, the more tables the more money. But food is not about how quickly you get to eat. It’s about enjoying it. That’s what makes you come back to a place. There are thousands of successful places in Italy, Spain or France who don’t care how long you hang out. Actually, they really appreciate when you stay long to talk about their food, or just enjoy your meal. That’s what food is about. And it’s really sad that there are so few places in the US who understand that.

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