Web Email Usage Declines, 59% Among Teens!


That’s a huge piece of data. Not that it’s new or hasn’t been forecasted. 6 years ago, while I was working at Yahoo!, we already saw signs that teens were not adopting web based email like before.

But I think it shows a real difference in generation. During a meeting a few months ago, someone asked me what I though social media has brought to society. At the time, my answer was social responsibility.

I would probably give the same answer today. If you’re 15 years old today, whatever you do in your life will be known (for the best, or the worst). You will keep in touch with everybody you’ve met in your life or will meet. It is something that my parents generation didn’t have. They could hide things. Or the amazing things that they did stayed anonymous (it took months to organize the french revolution!). Today, it’s impossible. And it will force us to be socially responsible, because whatever we do will follow us forever and will be immediately known.

So I will keep that answer. But I will also emphasize the word immediately. The introduction of real time is changing the way we’re living. Teens not using email, in my opinion, shows that they want immediate interaction. They don’t want to wait for hours before getting a response. More and more people are brought up in the world of “get it right now” which is impacting our pace of life. You can see it at work, at home, everywhere. Things need to happen fast.

As long as I can take my time to enjoy a good steak with a nice glass of wine, I’m all for real time!

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