Prospect, San Francisco, Spears Street


When Prospect (@prospectSF) opened on Spears Street, I thought I’d love to give it a try. Many of my friends said very nice things about it. The thing is, when you become an entrepreneur, you actually don’t go to nice restaurants anymore. So I had to wait quite a while, but yesterday was my name day. In Greece (where Vicky’s from), name days are a big deal, so we decided to celebrate at Prospect. 

Our experience was quite incredible. At all levels. Service, decor and more importantly, the food were all outstanding. 

Let’s start with the service. Finally a nice restaurant in San Francisco where the waiter isn’t trying to do too much. They just do enough to make you very comfortable, and let you enjoy your meal. That’s the thing. If you have a place where you know the experience is all about the food, you don’t need to over do it on the service. So I don’t know if that was just a one off, but it is so pleasant to be able to eat without someone coming to you every two minutes to ask you stuff. 

In my opinion (the good wife’s fans will enjoy that), the decor is similar to RN74, but more spacious. It means you have enough space for your privacy, and yet have a good vibe all around. We ate early (6:15), so maybe that helped our experience, but even as the restaurant filled up, we never felt compressed. Another big win compared to most restaurants where owners just try to have as many tables as possible.

Finally, the food. It is true that I haven’t been in a very nice restaurant in a long time, eating mainly the food that I cook myself (and I’m far from being a chef as good as those guys). But the food really blew my mind. Extremely fresh, with tastes that are still playing with the few neurons left that I have. 

I started with roasted calamari and octopus (with chorizo sausage). A tiny bit earthy and spicy, it was a really good combination. In Spain, they cook a lot with chorizo, especially calamari. It’s always a big win. The addition of the octopus and the garlic (always good to have garlic!) made it a very well rounded dish, that I’d have again any day! Vicky had a beet salad with lobster. So fresh! I find lobster very hard to cook with in a dish. It can very easily overpower the dish, or just be blend. The acidity and the freshness of the salad complemented perfectly the lobster and I thought that was really a big win. I’d die for the recipe of that dish! 

My main course was a sea bass (I usually think fish make better dish than meat in restaurant) while the lady had the scallops. The sea bass was really good (wondering if it wasn’t cook sous vide – i didn’t ask). Sea bass is actually not an easy fish, as it gets dry and heavy quickly if you don’t cook it perfectly. it came with some pancetta and rice. The scallops were accompanied by cauliflower and some fresh mint and cilantro tastes. It was perfect and we were ready for the dessert. 

As usual, I didn’t get one, but Vicky got the chocolate fondant (well, there was also some peanut butter so you can’t go wrong!). That’s usually our test, and if the chocolate cake was delicious (I actually don’t think this one is hard to make), the caramel was from out of this world! That is the perfect combination. 

To go with all this, we had a very nice bottle of Pouilly Fuisse (that’s home for me!) from Dominique Cornin, very reasonably priced. 

Overall, that place rocks. I’d definitely go back and put on my list of recommendations for anyone who wants a great dining experience. 


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