Twitter and TV

Twitter announced today that they’ve partnered with the X Factor to allow viewers to cast their cost through their product. 

While I think it’s a great move, I also find it falls a bit short. 

I think Twitter is extremely powerful. I actually think Twitter is changing the way we’re watching what’s happening. More specifically, I believe it has huge potential with everything that creates emotions. Human beings always want to share their emotions. When you watch a sports game, a movie, a show, the evening news… All those programs trigger emotions that the viewers want to share.

There is nothing better than Twitter to do this. Due to its nature, and its ease of use, it’s the ideal tool to let people communicate and yet don’t be distracted from the main screen. It’s the real definition of the perfect second screen experience. 

Twitter has the power to connect all the viewers, and also extend the stadium, the movie theatres, your living room to create a global place where everybody can cheer, scream, cry, smile, boo, or do whatever they feel. 

Voting for X Factor is a great step forward, but why not create a customized experience for all people watching the show. Let them cheer for their favorite singers, boo the ones they don’t like. People are already doing it, but the hashtags are too complicated to make sense of it. 

I can’t wait to see Twitter Sports so I’m not alone when I watch a game, but at the same time, I’m not distracted by a second screen. When France lost the final of the rugby World Cup, it would have been so nice to be among all the folks who were watching the game. 

The product already exists, it’s just a matter of creating a fantastic user experience around it, which Twitter has the talent to build. It’s probably just a matter of time, but I really can’t wait. 


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