My take on 49ers vs Giants

The win against the Saints was incredible. The defeat again the Giants is really bitter. 

At the moment of the final kick, all I could think of was Kyle Williams. I went through many different emotional states before being able to actually look at things with some perspective. But when I did, my view was very different. 

Of course Williams makes 2 huge mistakes. But that’s sports. Mistakes are going to happen. What’s really sad is that one of them is during overtime. But thinking about it, this young guy, who was not even playing at his usual position on the field, shouldn’t have been put in that situation in the first place. There shouldn’t have been an overtime. We had the ball to win it, and we didn’t. 

For me, that’s what’s frustrating. We had it. Even with the first fumble, we still had it. How many chances do you want to win a game? We had the ball numerous times in the last 4 minutes to win it. We had the ball in overtime. And we weren’t able to close it.

You can’t ask your defense or special teams to do wonders all the time. There is a point when things break, especially when you play against a very talented Giants team.  

When reading this article, I was very proud of the team. Maybe the fans don’t realize it, but you can’t blame a player for trying to make a play. His intentions were good and you never, ever punish someone who has the best intentions. He didn’t lose the game. The team did. 

That team showed on the field and off the field that they’re a great team. Great teams always end up winning. But on the way, there are always defeats. You take it, stand up, and come back. You keep doing it. Until you win. 



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