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Hollande’s message by going on vacation

When I saw Francois Hollande go on vacation for more than 2 weeks 2 months after becoming French president, I was really surprised. 

Why would you go on vacation when you’re the leader of the country while a) the country is about to get into a recession and b) there is a huge crisis in Syria that definitely could do with some international support. 

Why would you go on vacation a few months after taking a job. A normal employee doesn’t always have that luxury, and you can’t really be tired of doing the job you dreamt of for so many years just after a few weeks. 

It just stroke me as really weird. And yesterday evening, I had a discussion with a friend of mine. His interpretation was actually really interesting. Hollande is a smart man, he probably doesn’t do things withtout thinking about them. He went on vacation because he wanted to send a signal to people. It’s a reinforcement of the French way of living.

His message basically is: in France, we go on vacation during the summer for at least 2 weeks. Everybody does. Look, even the French president in one of most crucial times of the country goes on vacation. 

The same way the government is now making sure employees don’t spend extra time at work (even if it means paying them less), they want to show that you should on vacation, no matter what.