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Abita Beer


Every time I travel somewhere, I always try to drink local beer. Sometimes, it leads to quite memorable moments of true delight, and sometimes it’s just a disaster. As I was in New Orleans, I didn’t make any exception, and decided to drink Abita, a beer brewed north of New Orleans.

I mainly spent my energy drinking the Amber one. There is something about this beer that just go well with most of the meals there, especially the Po-Boy! There are many other variances available like Turbodog (ale), the purple haze (seems that people drink it at the end of a meal), the light/golden (much lighter as its name indicates), the restoration (never tried that one!) and the root beer. I usually like to focus, so I concentrated on the Amber one 🙂

It’s funny how beers are not really appreciated overall. Everybody is talking about wine, and try to find the best deal in town. White, Red, Pinot Grigio Vs Chardonnay, every one has an opinion on wines. For beers, it’s very different. Of course, folks like Kronenbourg over Guiness (yeah, that does exist), but I never felt the same passion as for wine.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m a huge beer fan. My favorite is Sierra Nevada. What about yours? Please let me know in the comment section!

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