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Tataki Sushi Bar, San Francisco


Yesterday dinner, we went to Tataki Sushi Bar, on California Street in the lower Pacific Heights area of San Francisco. It’s just a few seconds walk from where we live and we had never tried it!

Tataki is tiny and very well decorated. We had no problem to sit at the bar (which is our favorite spot as you all know by now!) and we started reviewing the menu.

First of all, this place is all about sustainable food. I actually quite like that, especially since it was very discrete. I had read some reviews indicating that they don’t stop explaining why sustainable is, why they’re supporting it etc… Well, either this wasn’t true, or they’ve changed something, but there was zero mention of sustainable food by anyone there. Just a card on the table to make us aware of the issue, which i found quite subtle.

Like any good sushi place, you can find the classic sashimi, nigiri sushi and rolls. But Tataki is very good for the funky stuff…

Again, I had read reviews raving for their fancy rolls. So we’ve decided to focus on the rolls, and ignore the nigiri. We started with a Pacific Sunrise, which is basically cucumber rolled into 4 varieties of fish without any rice. Yes, a roll with no rice! Well, that was just a blast. They have this “tataki” sauce that they use for this dish, and that was just playing with all the tastes. So good. +1!

Then we had the 49er. Again, a big, big winner. We picked it because the guy next to us just had it. It looked so good that my wife just asked the chef to cook one for us. That turned out to be a great decision. It’s basically tobiko roll topped with avocado. Tobiko is the Japanese word for flying fish roe. It gives the roll a funky texture, and the mix with the avocado and the rice works very, very well.

The third roll we had was inspired by a review I had read. It’s called the “extinguisher”. Yes, you bet it was spicy! As in very spicy. Even the plate comes with real flames (from burning rhum on salt). This roll is a kampachi roll, with some very spicy sauce on top. It’s spicy enough to make you realize you’re eating something spicy, but you will be able to eat it, which is always nice. For me, that was the winner of the night, but it may just be because I love spicy food.

Finally, we had some sashimi, just to make sure we were also trying some classic dish. It was also very good, especially the salmon and the yellow tail.

Overall, we’re really glad this place opened in our neighborhood. Prices are reasonable, it is much, much better than Godzilla Sushi, the chefs are really nice and the service was perfect. What more could we ask?

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