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Hangover cure


After so many years of experience, I thought I would share with you all one of my secrets: how to fight hangover. You may hear many different stories, tips etc… Most of them may work. As far as I’m concerned, there is only one way to fight a real hangover.

Before i start explaining my trick, i wanted to list a few things you can/should do in case of light hangover. First of all, the mantra fight evil with evil hold true. There is nothing better than a nice, light beer in the morning to fight a tiny hangover. Some, like @aa, are fans of bloody mary. I prefer beer, but to be very honest, both work for me. Again, this is in the case of a light hangover.

Now, the real hangover. You know, when you wake up and you still feel like you’re drunk. If the following thoughts come through your mind, you know you have to deal with a real hangover:
– “I will never, ever, drink again”.
– “That’s it, I quit drinking” (@dtok mentioned those exact words to me recently… can you believe it?)
– “I didn’t drink that much… oh wait… i forgot that one… and that one… and that one… OMG!”
– “I’m getting old…”
– “Should i really move now?”
– “How did i come back home?”

If any of those thoughts come to your mind, we can declare your condition as “a real hangover”.

How do you fight it? How do you wake up and feel peachy and full of joy so the people around you don’t realize what kind of a mess you are. This is extremely useful when you live with a partner/husband/wife who didn’t necessarily go out with you the night before, and has made tons of plans, most of them starting at 8am. Or also, when you have young kids who love to wake you up at 6am in the morning with absolutely no compassion nor sympathy for your condition.

Secret #1: no matter how drunk you are, you have to fight it BEFORE you go to bed. That’s the key. Put signs in your house, very obvious signs (don’t forget that your sight and ability to read may be reduced by the time you go back home) reminding you about fighting the hangover before you go to sleep.

Secret #2: B12. My friend Andrew Levy suggested that to me one day, and it saved my life (otherwise i would have to miss the wedding of a dear friend). Take 2, or even 3 B12 pills. You can buy them at Walgreens. It’s good stuff, totally natural. It’s a vitamin that helps your brain operate.

Secret #3: Aspirin. On top of the B12, take some aspirin. The only one that really works for me is Nurofen (you can’t buy it in the US, but it’s available in the UK). Any others, like Panadol etc… would work as well.

Secret #4: Water: Drink at least a pint of water.

Secret #5: If you went out without your husband/partner/wife, do not wake them up. Do not do that. That’s a bad idea, and it would only make the hangover worse as you may not be able to sleep in your bed…

Secret #6: Never, ever, ever, check your emails. And even worse, never answer. This would cause a much bigger hangover, beyond any reasonable way to cure it. Get away from your computer!

If you have tips on how to fight hangover, please comment on this post!

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